“Muslim Friendly” Airport [KIX]


With about 1.6 billion followers, Islam is second largest religion in the world.
Osaka has seen an increase in visitors from the Southeast Asian Muslim countries of Malaysia and Indonesia in recent year.
However I may have been diffident about saying that Japan was the most comfortable country to visit and stay for Muslim.
Lots of Muslim had to pray in the toilet as they couldn’t find the pray room and they sometimes hesitate to eat Japanese meals as they are not sure if the meal includes pork, alcohol or foods containing those ingredients, even though they are truly interested in Japanese food.
Now Kansai international airport (KIX) has taken actions for welcoming Muslim tourists as the gate for Japan.

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The airport got 3 prayers rooms are available for use of passengers and visitors. Two rooms are located at the international departure gate area, and another room is located on the 3rd floor on terminal 1. All prayer rooms are separated by gender and a washing space is available for use before praying.
All Muslim passengers free to use the payer room for 24 hours a day with rental prayer equipment and display Qiblat to fulfill their meditation needs.
Also there are 15 restaurants preparing “pork-free & alcohol-free menus” and
3 restaurants where all menu items are prepared in kitchen which has been recognized as “halal certified”.

The first “Muslim Friendly Airport” in Japan, KIX helps Muslim’s travel less painful and more comfortable.

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