MPJA has joined the first JAKIM`s recognized Halal Certification Body in East Asia Training


Muslim Professional Japan Association(MPJA) has joined the Asia Halal Certification Enrichment(AHEC) organized by DagangHalal and Department of Islamic development Malaysia (JAKIM) on 9th and 10th March 2017 in Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan.

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The course covers topics as below:

  1. Protocol, Responsibility, Structures & Administration of Halal CB’s
  2. Halal Certification Process, Halal Testing & Analysis
  3. Halal Auditing
  4. Halal Certificate Management Systems(HCMS) and Halal Verified Engine(HVE)

MPJA’s officer was honored to join their training delivered by JAKIM’s officers and had the chance to get to know officers from CB in Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

At the same time, there was also FOODEX Japan 2017 exhibition being held at Makuhari Messe. MPJA auditor had the chance to visit FOODEX and experience halal certified product from Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines and other countries.

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ムスリム・プロフェッショナル・ジャパン協会(MPJA)の監査員がDagangHalal(JAKIMの協力会社)とマレーシア連邦政府イスラム開発局 (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia: JAKIM)開催の相互認証団体のための研修会に参加しました。研修は幕張メッセで3月9日と10日の2日間行われました。



  1. ハラル認証団体の役割について
  2. ハラル認証の取得方法、ハラルに関する検査と分析
  3. ハラル監査について
  4. Halal Certificate Management Systems(HCMS) とHalal Verified Engine(HVE)について


同時に幕張メッセではFOODEX FOOD JAPAN 2017展示会が開催され、日本をはじめ、マレーシア、タイ、台湾、フィリピンなどのハラル認証を得ている食品が幅広く展示されていました。


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