All you can ride Bullet trains!



Bullet train and “Shinkansen” is a symbol of another of Japan yet, but I can ticket becomes a bit expensive. Not any more! If you are planning to spend two weeks or one week Japan trip, you are the Japan Rail Pass does not have a cheap way without order than to buy, do it. 7 days, they will be able to last one of the 21 or 14 and they give unlimited use of Shinkansen during which time your. They can be used for a number of subway are operated by Japan Railways. Price is very reasonable change depending on the exchange rate.

It must be purchased by the path that is to remember that you can not the only Japanese to use them is important, before you arrive in Japan. You are good to go they would pass the JR Pass just your, you, show the exchange order and passport at the main station of any Japan!

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