Odaiba: Tokyo waterfront


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Odaiba is an artificial island in Tokyo Bay that after initially feeling the pinch of the bursting bubble economy has become one of the most popular tourist areas and date spots in Tokyo. It boasts some of Tokyo’s most interesting buildings like the Fuji Television building and Tokyo Big Sight. There’s even a replica of the Statue of Liberty. I personally love going in the late afternoon or evening as the evening views of Tokyo are great.  If you’re clued up about Japanese TV, the Fuji TV building is a nice place to stop by too.

There are a couple of malls with some pretty decent shopping and places to catch a bite. There’s a large ferris wheel and even a beach! One of only two in the Greater Tokyo area. Overall, it’s just a nice place to spend a few hours walking around with the family and do what Tokyoites do.


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