Tokyo Illumination


Illuminations are typically displayed from around November to around the early of January  durimg New Year. But some illumination are kept until February.

Among Japan’s first and most spectacular light shows is Kobe’s Luminarie. Started after the disastrous earthquake in 1995, the Kobe Luminarie (December 4-15, 2014) is an Italian designed tunnel consisting of millions of lights.

If you plan to come to Japan during December until February, do spend some of your time to see and take some pictures of the beautiful scenery of Tokyo cities! You will be very excited to see all the colorful lights.

Last week, I spent my weekend with my friends to see illuminations at Shinjuku Station. It was so beautiful that so many people walking around and taking pictures there. I can’t wait to plan my next illuminations with my friends during this winter holiday! You guys can click here to see more places for illuminations in Tokyo especially!






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