Traveling slowly with MEGURIN bus Ueno ~ Yanaka ~ Asakusa



This time starting point is a bus stop “Yanaka elementary school” , near the Sendagi Station( Chiyoda subway line).
Many foreign tourists visits Yanaka town where remains elegant downtown taste . First, let’s stroll briefly the Yanaka. Temples and shrines, you enjoyed much downtown gourmet and cafes, the cats of specialties, it’s starting to ride the bus.
Ride fare is 100 yen. How far you even ride,is 100 yen.
Bus leaving the “Yanaka elementary school”, passes through the Shinobazunoike-Ueno Park Ueno Station, get to Taito ward office. From there past the Kappabashi (Kappa Bridge), it’s arrival to stop destination “Kaminarimon Street”. About 45 minutes travel time:)
Get off on the way, it is fun to explore the famous as tools Street “Kappabashi ” and Ueno Park.
Let’s explore in Asakusa knowing of Kaminarimon. Even good eating freshly baked Ningyo-yaki while walking, also good fried Manju of fried. After sightseeing the Sensoji Temple, It is good to see the vaudeville otr comedy live at the theater,or getting something to
Since the Asakusa is not shortage of stroll and view points , I want to enjoy your own way.

Benefits of “East-West MEGURIN” even If nothing else, the fare is 100 yen.
Who that the way to get off to ride many times, is also recommended the one day ticket of 300 yen.
In addition, since it is starting every 15~ 20 minutes during the day, it is convenient to ride the bus relatively smoothly.

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