Happy Birthday?


Yes! When is your birthday?

Sometimes we find that its difficult to find a birthday cake  to celebrate our friends birthday party.  Most of the cake in Japan they usually used some alcohol, food addictives and emulsifier that is made from pork which is obviously haram for muslims.

Until now, I only bought cake that have been checked (which does not contain alcohol, food addictives and emulsifier that is made from pork) at Baskin Robbins (the ice cream cake) and Ginza Cozy Corner (only the shortcake is safe to be eat by muslims).

For now, we don’t have to worry anymore where to get the birthday cake for our special one! You can get Halal Birthday Cake from Kappou Yama!

Kappou Yama, a Halal Japanese Restaurant which is situated in Saitama serves Halal Bento and Halal Birthday Cake for muslims!

[Kappou Yama website: http://kappou-yama.jp/]


-Product Details-
<< Strawberry sponge cake>>

  • Price: JPY2,500 (Tax in JPY2,700)
  • Ingredients (Japanese flour, Japanese butter, Japanese fresh cream, Japanese strawberry, Egg, Sugar, Mint)
  • 7-inch (18cm) sized cake
  • Refrigerated delivery service
  • Delivery charge: JPY750
  • Nationwide Delivery Available in Japan only

Don’t forget to make your reservation 3 days before the birthday party!

I never bought this cake yet, but I will make a reservation for my special friend’s birthday this coming February! Will update later after her birthday!

Make your cake reservation here!

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