Homemade Ramen


There was a Ramen shop owned by a converted Japanese Muslim in Okayama.

It is situated not far from the Okayama University of Science and Okayama University. Most of the Malaysian students live there and they are really close with the owner of ramen shop named Khadijah.

I’ve once tried her Halal Ramen and that was my first time taste a japanese ramen in Japan. Khadijah also served gyoza (japanese dumpling) and chicken katsu (japanese fried chicken) together with her delicious ramen!


If you have a friend who lives or study around Okayama area, ask him/her to bring you to Khadijah’s shop to taste her homemade ramen!

Or maybe you can drop your comment here so that I can introduce you to my friend in Okayama 🙂

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