Nishi Awa Beef applied for International Halal certificate




2nd Halal dedicated slaughter house in Tokushima, Japan has applied halal certificate from certifying body in Japan named Muslim Professional Japan Association, MPJA.


Japan’s premium quality agricultural product, wagyu beef is very popular not just in Japan but all over the world for its supreme fatty flavor. The word wagyu comes from ‘wa’ which means Japanese and ’gyu’ which means ’cow’. So, wagyu literally means Japanese cow.






Japanese Black Wagyu                  Japanese Brown Wagyu

黒毛和牛                              褐毛和牛



Japanese Shorthorn Wagyu          Japanese Polled Wagyu

日本短角和牛          無角和牛

*Picture credit from Japan Meat Information Service Center



Nishi Awa beef is aiming to export halal wagyu beef to international market such as

Indonesia, Malaysia and other Muslim countries.

MPJA auditors have visited Nishi Awa Beef slaughter house to see how they conduct their halal slaughtering process until the wagyu beef is being packaged and stored.

Wagyu beef contains mostly monounsaturated fatty acids rich in Omega-3s. This make wagyu beef full of umami goodness and its superior fatty flavor. We hope more people outside Japan will be able to taste the authentic Wagyu beef in the near future.









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