JA Aozora local halal certified green tea







Tea Industry center of Aozora Agricultural Cooperatives (JA Aozora) has been local certified for their Japanese green tea since 2014. JA Aozora’s Tea Center is located in Ariake town, Shibushishi district, Kagoshima.


Although Japanese green tea is halal, JA Aozora decided to have halal certificate in order to compete with other Japanese green tea locally and internationally in the future.


JA Aozora’s Ariake factory is a halal dedicated tea factory producing only halal tea.

The JA Aozora uruwashi wacha’s sencha tea has strong flavor with mellow flavor, excellent refreshing aroma and more balanced bitter taste leaving you feeling relaxed and calm.


The type of halal Japanese green tea that are in the Uruwashi Wacha (Uruwashi Japanese Tea) line up are Sencha, Funmatsucha (green tea powder), Genmaicha, and Uroncha.


Below are many benefits of Japanese green tea:

l  prevent colds and flu

l  removing free radicals and acts as antioxidants as Japanese green tea contains both Catechin and Vitamin C

l  reducing cholesterol and fats, hence why some people drink tea to lose weight or to prevent getting fat

l  moderating allergies, preventing influenza infection and acts as an antiviral.

l  Japanese green tea also contains Catechin which is an effective deodorant and sterilizing agent

l  prevent growth of germs which cause periodontal disease and bad breath

l  prevent cavities

l  believes to prevent Alzheimer


With so many benefits for health no wonder the Japanese drinks Japanese green tea every day!











l  風邪予防

l  茶カテキンがダイオキシン毒性を抑制する

l  ダイエットの強い味方

l  花粉症を緩和する効果

l  消臭剤、殺菌剤として万能

l  殺菌作用で口臭を防ぐ

l  歯を強くして虫歯予防

l  認知症予防効果



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