Nakahora Farm: Halal farming practices and Halal ice cream!


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Nakahora Farm is a dairy company that prides itself on keeping things simple. They let their cows live out in the open rather than in the cramped conditions usually found on dairy farms. This gives them happier and healthier cattle that provide better milk. Using better quality milk allows them to make tastier dairy products. Their ice cream and yogurt drinks are especially delicious.

They have recently been certified halal. Now, some of you may be asking, “why do dairy products need to be certified halal?” Well, in Japan, they have the habit of sometimes using non-halal animal additives to products so to put our minds at ease, the good people at MHC have given Nakahora Farm Halal certification under their Local Halal initiative.

They only have 3 stores in the whole of the country, two in Tokyo (Ginza and Ikebukuro) and one in the Takashimaya department store in Nagoya station but you can buy their products online at and Rakuten. Here’s a translated version of the “shop information” section on their website. I think the best thing about Nakahora Farm is that not only are their products certified halal but their practice of looking after their animals and keeping them happy is also halal!

Look out for them next time you’re in Nagoya or Tokyo.



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