Halal Food at Narita Airport!


If you are on board to Malaysia Airlines to go to Tokyo, you will stop at the NaritaInternational Airport is an international airport in the Tokyo metropolitan area probably the largest. As you know, right now, we’re looking in the area in front of the immigrationin Terminals 1 and 2 of the prayer room of muslims.Prayer room to Narita International Airport.

Please do not forget that in addition to it, the food court friendly Halal also take your meal on the vegetarian food for passengers Muslim Narita Airport. Agetatenoaji andKineyamugimaru restaurant, offers a variety of halal food crafted is friendly restaurantsMuslims popularity is located on the fifth floor of the center of the fourth and T1, Tenteifloor of T2. Of the two, has been halal consultation and training byMalaysiacertification.

Why not enjoy a meal before heading to the next destination of your around Japan?




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