List of Haram Ingredients


Japan is a country that majority non-Muslim citizens, so to find a Halal meal is quite difficult. However, as Muslims, no matter where we are looking for Halal food is mandatory.

Based on the words of the Prophet:
(Any meat that grows from the foods forbidden, then fire Fire will more feasible for him)

Narrated by At-Tarmizi

In Japan, to determine whether the food that we want to buy it Halal or not, generally there are three things that you should know:

  1. Does the food contains meat (pork, chicken, beef, etc.)?
  2. Does it contains alcohol (sake, wine, etc.)?
  3. Does it contains emulsifier of animals?

Eating these products below is not halal meals that do not contain any material that is Halal. Therefore, before buying food we must check the contents of the food. Here are the list of  materials that can not be eaten in Japanese:

Haram  substances:
肉, ミ ー ト – Meat
豚 肉 – Pork
鳥 肉- Chicken
牛肉 – Meat/Cow
ベ ー コ ン – Bacon
ラ ー ド – Lard (Pork)
酒 – Liquor
ワ イ ン -Wine
み り ん – Rice Wine (use for cooking)
リ キ ュ ー ル, 洋酒 – Liquor (Western style liquor)
グ リ コーゲン, ブイヨン, コ ン ソ メ - Animal Shortening
ゼ ラ チ ン - Animal Gelatin
ゼ リ - Jelly


Substances that may be Halal or Haram:
乳化 剤 – Emulsifier
シ ョ ー ト ニ ン グ – Shortening
マ ー ガ リ ン – Margarine
油脂 – Oil and Fats
If the above materials are substances derived from animals (動物 性), it is Haram. While if the above material is plant-based ingredients such as vegetables (植物性), then it is Halal. Furthermore, this also is a symbol for a plant-based ingredients 乳化 剤 (大豆 由来) for emulsifier.

If you have difficulty in reading and writing Japanese different symbol that looks almost the same, I suggest that you copy / type in the list of Haram ingredients in a small paper. When you buy food, just show  the ingredient list and ask the person incharge (cashier)  that you want to buy the food which does not content those ingredients in the list. As we traveled in Japan where mostly the people there are not muslim,then eat the food without hesitation. Indeed, Islam is a religion of ease.

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