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Tanden Yakiniku’s interview

Manager of Tanden yakiniku in Yoyogi, Mr. Kimura and MHC’s representative Mr. Akmal has ...

September Karaoke Exchange

And don't forget to join their event on FB! *Sept 20 (5th)

Prayer Room at Osaka Station!

Assalamualaikum and Hello readers! As we know, now the Malaysian can get to Japan by Ai...
Map Masjid di Jepun-01

List of Masjid in Japan!

Hello there! Here are the list of Masjid all around Japan!  ...

Hair salon only female employees

This is beauty salon that I had to introduce from my friend, the other day. Located in t...
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Funny English signs

If you've been to Japan before, you've probably seen your share of English mistakes. I...

A land of contrasts

This isn't the first time I've posted about Tokyo Camii & Turkish Cultural Center ...
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