Dakwah in the land of the rising sun


Many Japanese companies are eager to expand their business in Islamic countries but most of them have no or less understanding about Islam and Islamic requirement in halal. Seminars given by Akmal on Halal Management in MHC Corporation focuses on helping Japanese companies to understand Islam and halal. In these seminars, Akmal explains to the Japanese why it is necessary to include Islamic requirements in their business in order to cater to Muslim market.


The seminar touches topics as below:


Halal definition and why Muslim takes halal as an important aspect in their life
Basis of Islamic teaching, 5 pillars of Islam and 6 pillars of Iman
Introduction to Islam and how a Muslim’s day is filled with ibadah such as praying 5 times a day. Introduction to wudu and how Muslim pray
Halal, haram and syubhah definition
Concept of halal based on syariah law and verses from Quran and Hadith
Halal as the way of life in Islam. Halal not limited to food and beverages but have broader aspect in Muslim life e.g., Islamic finances, research, medical and pharmacy
Explaining to the Japanese the reason why Muslim does not drink alcohol and eat pork and why Muslima covers their hair.
Islamic method of slaughtering and why cattle or chicken need to be slaughtered according to Islam way
Explaining world halal standard and the challenges faces to implement those standard fully in Japan
The basis of halal requirement
Explaining the current situation how difficult for Muslim in Japan to find halal Japanese restaurant
The similarity between Japanese discipline and Islam’s teaching
Reasons why Japanese have to move to halal market

MHCでは、イスラム市場に注目している方々に2つのレベルで選べる講座をご用意しております。決定版「ハラル」ビジネス入門の著者であり、MHC代表 アクマル・アブ・ハッサン 自らによる、わかりやすく楽しい講座が人気です。


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