Let’s make the original paper lanterns of your own!



The beginning of the 16th century, the history of the paper lantern is said basket paper lantern that were used in the Muromachi period is the origin, and paper lanterns were popular it is the Edo era.
It has been said that letter is put to draw lanterns Edo-Moji in general.
It is characterized by engineering the putting line, well-balanced, it is from being depicted as easy to see from a distance.

Let’s try to make with the craftsman, the COOL paper lantern there is only one in the world just for you.
Your friend will be amazed surely saw the paper lantern! 😉

• The questions and answers and talk about the paper lanterns: about 15 minutes
• To the handwriting lantern: about 60 minutes

2,500 yen per person elementary and junior high school students (material cost included)
3,000 yen per adult (material cost included)

Up to 12 people
Minimum departs persons : 3 people

Section of the morning 10: 00-11: 30
Section of the afternoon 14: 00-15: 30

[Regular holiday]
Sundays and public holidays mainly

· It is safe and there is a good thing, even dirty because you use the ink. , For example towel apron, such as smock
· The most time-consuming it is draft.
If you leave thinking (such as letters and pictures) picture to draw in advance, it is smooth.
· Please bring a wet tissue, your hands so dirty.

[How to Book]
(We do not accept bookings by phone.)
After filling out the classroom experience booking application form, please FAX.


After Checking the date and time of the application form that we have received,
We will reply the FAX of reservation completion.

FAX destination number: 03-3841-2619

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