Is this socks …?!



It is intended to be representative of the Japan Talking of sushi.

Japanese also foreigners, everyone loves sushi, it have turned into SOCKS !!

this socks that was found in the Shopping site TOKYO OTAKU MODE is “sushi socks” (The name is to direct!).
abundantly kind of story,Trout sushi, shrimp, octopus, salmon roe, tuna, salmon and the egg… aligned with acclaimed sale.
It is introduced in multiple overseas sites, it have become a hot topic.

socks manufacturer “Sukeno Ltd.”in Toyama Prefecture sell “sushi socks”
that would be transformed into a sushi figure to be round and round and round the socks.
sounds interesting products!

And you, but not in this socks, funny only adulteration of course.
It is not a Sushi pattern print, has been woven in neatly socks, is also excellent comfort durability.
Daily socks select it likely also will be excited.

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